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Registry “Predictive tests for a therapeutic response”

For a number of diseases/disorders, personalized treatment today offers a great added value compared to classical, empirical therapy. Thanks to molecular diagnostics, specific aberrations can be detected, which are an indication for a correct diagnosis and prognosis and the successful use of a corresponding drug in order to target the disease.

Currently the reimbursement of personalized medicines is not coupled with that of the accompanying biomarker which often leads to a delay in reimbursement of the predictive tests as compared to the personalized medicine. To better align reimbursement of the medicine and the predictive test, a coupled reimbursement procedure[1],[2] will be created that will allow a monthly update of reimbursed personalized medicines and their corresponding predictive test, and as such will be flexible enough to adjust for the rapid evolving field of personalized medicine.

[1] Chapter VIII of R.D. of 21/Dec/2001 - KB tot vaststelling van de procedures, termijnen en voorwaarden inzake de tegemoetkoming van de verplichte verzekering voor geneeskundige verzorging en uitkeringen in de kosten van farmaceutische specialiteiten.

[2] Art. 33ter of R.D. of 14/Sep/1984 – KB betreffende moleculair biologische testen op menselijk materiaal bij verworven aandoeningen.

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