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Pre Care Trajectory Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

The basis for the Pre-Care Path Diabetes Mellitus type 2 is the Royal Decree of 30 November 2015, which states that the description of code 102852 (formerly known as the diabetespas) will be replaced by ″Follow-up of a patient with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 according to the care protocol as defined by the Insurance Committee”.

The Pre-Care Path Diabetes Mellitus type 2, officially called ‘Zorgmodel Opvolging van een patiënt met diabetes type 2' or ‘modèle de soins Suivi d’un patient diabétique de type 2’ aims to provide a framework for patients who are not included in a care path diabetes type 2 or in the convention for the self-regulation of diabetes. 

By including a patient in the pre-care path, he/she can get reimbursed for 2 consultations with a dietician and 2 consultations with a podologist.

The general practitioner on his side is committed to the following actions:

  • Register the patient in the Global Medical Dossier (GMD).
  • Offer targeted care, based on the evidence based medicine (EBM) guidelines for good practice.
  • Register the clinical and biological data as defined by the care protocol. 
  • Transmit a subset of the care protocol data towards healthdata This transmission of data from the care protocol is the scope of this request.  At the moment, only a small number of parameters from the care protocol can be registered in a structured way in most EMDs.

Therefore, the NCAZ-CNMM agreed to restrict the transmission to only these parameters in a first phase.  In parallel, the working group ‘medical data’ of the NCAZ-CNMM has been given the task to make a proposal on how the other criteria of the care protocol can be registered in a structured way across all EMDs. It is also agreed upon that transmission of these additional parameters can only start once all EMDs have implemented the necessary changes.

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